Using the best lint roller is one sure fire way of keeping your clothes looking new and smart. It is also a great way to combat pet hair around the house on not only your clothes but also furniture and bed linen.

For the vast majority of people, cleaning is just one of those things that has to be done – I mean nobody actually enjoys it, right? But as the saying goes, cleanliness in next to godliness – and even though folks don’t want to do the cleaning themselves, they want to live in a clean environment, for the most part.

Hygiene and the role it plays in our well being is a huge part of modern living, and we are all looking for the most effective and efficient ways to keep our living environment clean. It is also a must to maintain cleanliness – be it a house, a surface, an environment and even ourselves – as poor hygiene is strongly correlated with the occurrence of many preventable diseases.

It usually requires time and effort to thoroughly clean your living space. But if you can take care of those small jobs, like wiping clean a surface or removing pet hair from a sofa, quickly and as they arise – you stop the mess from building up and ultimately save time. The simple ideas are always the best ones, and this is where the Lint Roller comes in. Read on for a closer look at this simple, cost effective cleaning solution.

Lint rollers have never been the most glamorous things to write about. Like most household cleaning products, they are one of those things that you use, but secretly you wish there was someone else to do the work for you. They are undeniably, however, a really quick and practical way to take care of those cleaning jobs that are too small to break out the vacuum – and it’s actually quite fun to run one over the sofa and see the dog hair lift right off.

​In the past, paper lint rollers were the only option, however recent years have seen advances in modern plastics applied to this tiny corner of the household cleaning market. We’re going to take a look at lint cleaners, unglamorous as they might be, in a little more depth – to see what is the best option on the market right now.

Best Lint Roller​

There are a number of different types of lint rollers available to purchase right now. ​Modern design and materials have moved on in recent years from the days when a lint roller was simply a sticky piece of paper on a brush handle. Alternatively you can use an electric fabric shaver to remove the unwanted pill bobble from the fabrics o your clothes, furniture, bed linen and curtains. 

However sometimes all you need is that sticky piece of paper on a handle. Our top pick is the 3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller its a no nonsense reliable lint remover that will last for a heck of a long time.  

3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Multipack

​The best lint remover is the 3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller. It comes in a 4 or 5 pack package and either 360, 375 or 400 sheets. With that many sheets it'll be a long time before you need a replacement or refill.

It is perfectly capable of cleaning your clothes and furniture of everyday lint and dust. A simple swipe across the surface and watch as it sticks all those little bits of fluff and grit to the sticky sheet on top.​

Each roller has 90 sheets, when bought in a 4 pack that means 360 sheets in total. The multi pack is great as it means you can have one in the office, one in the car and two for home use.

Simple and very convenient ​to use just tear off the top sheet once it is full and the bottom sheet is ready to go. It's small and discreet size means it can be popped into your drawer at work and used right before that big meeting to ensure your clothes are lint free and you are looking your best.

Pop one in the glove box of your car at it is always within arms reach right before any big social occasion.​

Tianbo First Lint Roller

The Tianbo First Lint Roller comes with five lint rollers and ninety sheets per roller to give a total of four hundred and fifty sheets. Perfect for every day around the house lint removal. Roll your clothes lint and fuzz free with the extra sticky pads that come with the Tianbo.

Evercare Professional Pic-Up Roller

The Evercare Professional Pic-Up Roller comes with four rollers and sixty sheets per roller for a total of two hundred and forty sheets per pack. The sheets are fifty percent stickier than the Evercare Classic or standard roller.

Tasoon Professional Lint Roller

The Tasoon Professional Lint Roller comes with five rollers each having ninety five sheets for a total of four hundred and seventy five sheets per pack. The sheets are spiral cut which makes for an easier removal over the more usual rectangular cut.

Evercare Giant Lint Roller

The Evercare Giant Lint Roller contains four rollers each with 60 sheets per pack. They are much bigger than a standard sized roller and as such are very useful for covering large area's such as furniture and bedding.

Best Lint Roller for Pet Hair​

Are you sick and tired of cleaning up after your pet? Unfortunately, it is simply a necessary part of keeping pets that we have to clean up after them. And some animals are more prone than others to shedding hair. It can be quite astonishing how much hair a pet can shed, and where the hair can end up.

best lint roller

​In fact, you often feel like you’re fighting a losing battle just to keep your home hair-free. But the hair not only makes a place look and feel dirty, but can also affect our respiratory systems and cause allergies, to it is essential to stay on top of it. If you’re looking for a better way to keep the pet hair at bay – then look no further. We’ve put together a range of options available to you, and our top tip. 

Freshland Lint Roller with Bamboo Charcoal Bag

The Freshland Pet Lint Roller comes with one roller and five refills with 90 sheets per refill. It also includes a Natural Air Purifying bamboo charcoal bag. The bamboo charcoal bag helps to keep the air fresh and clean by absorbing pet odors and helps to reduce airborne mold and mildew. 

Butler Giant Pet Roller

If you have a large dog or a lot of cats about the house then you will know just how much hair can be lost by your pet on a daily basis. This extra wide roller from Butler is perfect for those big jobs that a standard sized roller just can't handle so well. It is a single roller that comes with seventy sheets - the best lint remover for large pets.

3M Pet Lint Roller

Extra strong sticky sheets to help control your pet hair. The 3M pet lint roller comes with 5 rollers and ninety five sheets per roller included in each pack.

​What can you use to clean pet hair?
  • Use a lint roller. Easy to use, get into places other solutions can’t reach, reusable and hygienic.
  • Pick up the hair with rubber gloves – you will be surprise just how much hair your gloves can pick up.
  • There are special detergents on the market that are more effective in removing the hair from your clothes and rugs during washing.
  • To reduce the amount of hair that your pet will leave behind, brush their hair every one to two weeks or as applicable for your pet. For certain animals, you can also cut their hair to reduce the amount they are shedding.
  • Before you do your weekly vacuum, use liquid fabric conditioner mixed with water and spray on the carpets, rugs or blankets to help loosen the hair on them. Some vacuum cleaners can be adjusted to pick up the animal hair – though often pet hair can clog up vacuum cleaners if there’s too much of it.
What Products are Available to Clean Pet Hair?
  • Furminator. Special brush designed to remove pet hairs.
  • Dyson Groom Tool. For use with Dyson vacuums. Press down this tool, taking hold of your pet’s brush gently expose the comb and let the tool suck the fur out of the comb.
  • Bissell Shed Away. This works like the Dyson Groom Tool but will work on almost all kinds of vacuum cleaner (it is cheaper too). This one is not self-cleaning though like the Dyson Groom Tool.
  • Anti-Static Spray. This works by breaking the charge that holds fur to clothes or pieces of fabrics. In other words the hair bounces off the fabric. This only works on fabrics though.
  • Soft cotton cloth sprayed with dusting spray. Works the same way as anti-static spray.
  • Sponge mop. Surprisingly a sponge mop can pick up the pet hair that vacuuming left behind. With a damp sponge mop rub the carpet back and forth until the fur sticks to the mop. Use a separate sponge mop especially for pet hair removal. After all, you don’t want to use the same mop that you use to clean your floors for your pet hair.
  • Sponge. Using a sponge to clean up and gather you pet hair is time consuming and does require for you to pick off the gathered hair ball from the sponge.
  • Vacuum cleaner. Vacuums might be good in removing pet hairs, but they must have HEPA filters. These filters trap the microscopic particles so that the pet hairs will not be redistributed into the atmosphere.

One further piece of advice is to ensure that your pet is correctly nourished. A balanced diet consisting of the correct quantities of vitamins, proteins and omega fatty acids has been shown to reduce animal shedding. Of course, you should always consult your vet about any issues pertaining to your animal’s diet and welfare.

The simplest product to help combat pet hair mentioned earlier in the article is the lint roller. Lint rollers tick most of the boxes as a simple, practical and environmentally friendly solution to removing pet hair – especially the new breed of reusable rollers, made from a silicone compound that is sticky when dry but non-sticky when wet. As such, they can be easily cleaned by running under a tap.

What is a Lint Roller ?

A lint roller consists of a roller mounted on a handle – which is rolled over a surface in order to collect lint and other forms of debris and dirt. Traditional lint rollers make use of disposable rolls of sticky paper that adhere to the lint.

The latest lint rollers, however, make use of modern plastics which are sticky when dry, but non-sticky when wet. They are thus reusable, because they can be simply run under a tap to remove the dirt, before drying and using again.​

How to use a Lint Roller

To use, you simply roll the dry lint roller over the dirty area, and the dirt, fur or hair sticks effectively to the roller. After use if the lint roller is re-usable , all you need to do is spin/rinse the roller under warm water, and most of the attached dirt will fall right off. Depending on the roller and the dirt you have picked up, some harder to remove dirt will need to be removed with a quick wipe. Finally, towel-dry the roller, and it should be immediately ready to be reused.

You can improve the longevity of the roller by cleaning it with a little household soap from time to time – and be sure to avoid contact with other household cleaning products such as ammonia, bleach and alcohol, as these can damage the most lint rollers. If it comes with a cover to keep it protected when not in use then always re-cover it– it should always be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight.

What can you use a Lint Roller on ?​

Lint rollers were traditionally used to remove lint from clothes, especially to give suits a new look. They can be used to clean furniture, car interiors, carpets and a lot more. They can in fact be used on just any type of fabric, upon which accumulated dirt and debris is lodged. Many pet owners also swear by lint rollers, to clean up hairs their animals have shed.​

Different ways to use a Lint Roller​

Surprisingly there are a lot more items that a lint roller can be used on than you might first think: ​

  • ​Suits, jumpers, pants. Just about any piece of clothing
  • Clean inside the car. Cars are full of hard to reach spots, such as between the seats and around the seat-belts, and the dust and dirt tends to accumulate in such places. It is amazing just how much dirt a lint roller can collect in a car.
  • Clean the inside of bags. All you need to do is turn the bag inside out and use a lint roller to remove the crumbs and other debris that had accumulated there.
  • Clean up after art time with the kids. Lint rollers are one of the most effective ways to clean up glitter dust - which you know, if you've ever used it, has a habit of getting itself everywhere. 
  • Use to clean lampshades. Dust continually gathers in and around lamps and lampshades - and a lint roller is perfect for getting into those spots you can't with the vacuum.
  • Clean up after breakages. We all know how dust glass spreads when you drop a glass on the floor and it shatters - a lint roller effortlessly picks up those tiny shards without you risking getting them stuck in your fingers.
  • Cleans the insides of cabinets. A roller can get right into the corners, where other products cannot.
  • Cleans your carpets and furniture, and can be used for both wood and glass.

Why use a Lint Roller ?​

A lint roller has a few advantages over say using a vacuum:​

  • ​Multi-function cleaning device
  • Cleans the lint and dandruff off your clothes and shoes
  • Cleans up pet hair and shedding
  • Modern reusable lint rollers are environmentally friendly since they don't require any refills